Ardpol 1/72 Douglas O-2H

By Matt Bittner


While it appears that the O-2 was built in substantially large numbers Ė one reference I have states that more than 300 were delivered Ė there arenít many references on the type.† It appears that it was to be a replacement for the DH-4B then in service with the USAAC.† It was also considered one of the best USAAC aircraft used between the wars.† With all this success you would think the type would be better documented.

The Kit

The Ardpol kit of the O-2H consists of 66 resin pieces and a decal sheet for one scheme.† Molding is exceptional, and along with the Silesian Eagle Curtiss A-3B Falcon, is one of the best-molded kits I have ever seen.† The level of detail is fantastic.

Construction begins with the cockpit, and with the addition of the seats, floor and other bits will make this into a first rate build up.† With the right amount of dry brushing and washes, the cockpit detail will pop out fantastically.

The upper wing is split in three and will have to be carefully glued together to achieve the correct dihedral.† Once that is accomplished then painting can commence.† After painting then all final details can be added.† I will naturally replace the resin wing struts, but will keep the resin undercarriage.

Pin/air holes are kept to a minimum, minus one part.† My pilotís seat has a large hole in it, and unlike the A-3B it does not belong.† Itís easy enough to fix, luckily.


Itís wonderful seeing another USA between the wars aircraft.† Ardpol released another US Ďtweener at the same time, the Consolidate NY-1, which I have yet to acquire.† Iím very thankful that someone is coming out with a much neglected area of modeling, that of the between the wars aircraft of the United States of America.† Thank you, Ardpol!† Highly recommended.

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