Recently some good friends of mine sent me old Airfix model magazines as well as some issues of Scale Models. I also had a chance to look over all the old IPMS magazines while I was on my recent trip to the USA. One thing that struck me is how much the state of the art has advanced in the past 30 years, and also that some things never change. Back in the old IPMS there are letters to the editor lamenting the fact that the hobby seems to be dying out, and what we can do to increase it's popularity. Guess what, it is as popular as ever, and in many places that you would never think of.

I was visiting a friend a couple of weeks back and our conversation got around to what we do to occupy our time. I mentioned to her how surprised I was to find that my next door neighbour built car models (this also came up in passing one day in conversation), and then she also mentioned that she loves to build models.

Talk to your neighbours, who knows, they may surprise you with their interests.

- Bob Pearson

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