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Last month some questions were posted here regarding the Supermarine Walrus, specifically relating to the Classic Airframes' 1/48 kit reviewed in the January 2002 issue. A couple of people wrote in with some answers:

Robert Brosing from Australia wrote in answer to the question "So, where does the HD come from?":

"100 Supermarine Walrus II ordered under Cont No B19490/39 from Saunders-Roe Ltd, Cowes. Serial Numbers: HD837-HD936

Delivered from 11.42. Many survived to 1946 and to 1947."

For those interested in serial numbers, Robert has a site that might be of use to you called http://www.adf-serials.com. This site tracks the serial numbers of the Australian Defense Force and is worth a visit.

Jim Schubert adds to the above with the following:

"In last month's Sprue Bits I questioned the s/n of the RAAF Point Cook Walrus. I now find my source - Profile No. 224 - has a seriously incomplete listing of Walrus s/n's. I found a complete list in part one of the two-part Walrus article in Air Enthusiast Nos. 74 & 76 for March/April and July/August 1998. Sorry about that."

He also adds this:

"Reader Dave Fleming e-mailed to advise that the mysterious fourth Walrus is s/n W2718 of the fifth production lot for the RAF from Saunders-Roe. It is being restored to being a Walrus I from its former life as a travel trailer ("Caravan" to Euro types) by Dick Melton and has the civil registration G-RNLI in honor of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution."

Siga has announced a 1/72 Martin AM-1 Mauler, with a release date of sometime in the next month or so. This is an injection-molded kit and looks to be up to Siga's usual standards. The decal sheet appears to offer three choices and the kit will come with a total of five sprues.

In conjuction with this Siga is also releasing a weapons set, mainly for use with the Mauler, but really could be used on any late 40s-early 50s Navy aircraft.


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