HR Models 1/48 Resin Pfalz A.I

by Bob Pearson


Prior to the start of the First World War, Pfalz acquired the licence to build the French Morane-Saulnier monoplanes, and consequently the first Pfalz designs were based on the Moranes. The A.I was basically the M-S L. 61 A.I/IIs were built, with some of the most colourful serving with Fl.Abt.9b in the Alps. These German (Bavarian) aircraft carried Austrian markings as Germany and Italy were not yet at war.

The Kit

The kit consists of 36 resin, nine photo-etched and one film part. The resin is typical HR with nice casting and detail. The fuselage has internal formers and rigging moulded in place. The wing on this kit is the best I have yet come across in any kit from HR Models. Short of removing it from the carrier, I can see nothing that needs correction on it.

There are two different engines supplied, a seven cylinder 80hp Oberursel, and a nine cylinder 100hp Oberursel. A Spandau is also included, which allows a Pfalz E.III to be built from this kit - in fact HR offers that option as kit No. 4812

Instructions consist of a single three view external drawing, so some other references will be needed for any interior details.

A small fret of photo-etch is included with prop boss, seat belts, Spandau jackets, instrument panel and foot rests.

A really nice decal sheet is included with markings for nine different A/E types, including P.40 as used by Fl.Abt.9b with its colourful red/white stripes. I am a little concerned here as HR Model uses my artwork of this aircraft in their documentation without having sought permission beforehand. They also miss the red/white stripes on the lower surface of the upper wing.


Despite their misuse of my work, I do like this kit and would hope that for any future releases they ask permission first .. Both Chris Banyai-Riepl and I have given it to other manufacturers in the past.

My thanks to Lubos Vinar of for the review sample

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