Revell 1/25 scale Roth '56 Ford Pickup

By Al Superczynski



In 1956 Ford updated the basic pickup body design introduced in 1953 by changing to a wide wraparound front windshield and new chrome grille. A popular option was a larger rear window opening known as the "Big Window" version.

The Kit

This is at least the fourth iteration of this basic tooling - see my Kit Corner column this month for a rundown of the original kit and subsequent reissues. This time around the model represents a truck once used as a daily driver by the famous customizer Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and features a dropped front axle, custom interior and wheelcovers, and a nice tonneau cover for the pickup bed. Strangely enough, even though it's not mentioned anywhere on the box the kit is actually a full 2-in-1 model as it also includes a stock front axle, stock seat, reversible door panels, and stock open wheels with "dog dish" hubcaps. The instructions do, however, address the optional stock parts during construction although they still don't specifically call out that a stock version is possible.

The 120 parts have a little flash but detail is still crisp especially considering that the tooling is 40 years old. Unlike the previous two reissues the kit is again molded in white, a welcome feature which makes for much easier painting. The clear parts are fairly thick and could definitely stand to be dipped in Future floor polish or, better yet, replaced. Most of the plated parts look okay but the bumpers and grille have dust and/or grit embedded under the plating. The Roth version calls for the front bumper and grille to be painted anyway but the rear bumper really needs to be replated, as do the front bumper and grille if a stock vehicle is to be built. The large decal sheet contains all the graphics shown on the box art and thankfully is compatible with setting solutions and solvents - this is a Good Thing since they'll definitely be needed!

Overall I would rate this kit as good but don't expect the level of fit, finish, or detail found in more recent Revell car kits. Not labeling the model as a 2-in-1 may cost Revell some sales though, an odd marketing omission in today's highly competitive hobby market.

Thanks to Revell-Monogram for the review sample.


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