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Frontier Airbus A319 #3

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

Frontier's aircraft are easily identifiable due to their rather intriguing tails. Each aircraft features an animal photo on both sides of the tail, with each plane having a different animal. Originally starting with their fleet of Boeing 737s, Frontier has continued this trend with their new fleet of Airbus A319s.

One small (or large, depending on how you look at it) change between the Airbus and Boeing fleets is with the fuselage titles. While the Boeing fleet has the Frontier titles restricted to the forward half of the fuselage, the Airbus aircraft feature a large billboard title running just about the full length of the fuselage. Another change is that these titles are in silver instead of the more traditional Frontier green.

This decal sheet correctly captures these differences and provides a complete set of decals to finish N903FR, the A319 with a killer whale on the tail. While the majority of the decal sheet appears to be printed on a laser printer, requiring you to have a white undercoat. This isn't a problem for this plane, as it is overall white except for the Frontier green engine nacelles. A separate decal sheet is included for the silver Frontier titles.

While there isn't an A319 kit out of the box, it is a simple matter to cut the Revell A320 or A321 kit down. There are also some wing modifications, mainly in the removal of flap track fairings and filling in of some panel lines, but overall this is a very simple conversion to do, and this decal sheet will result in a very attractive finished model.

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