Academy's 1/72

Fw 190A-8

By Michael Benolkin


Loads of historical background have been written here (and elsewhere) on the impressive Fw 190 series and toward the Fw 190A-8 in particular. So rather than repeat it again here, let's take a look at the kit!

The Kit

This is a re-release of Academy's Fw 190A-6/8 kit that has now been bundled with a same-scale Kubelwagen and the markings for two examples flown by Heinz Bar. Molded in light gray injection-molded styrene, the kit is represented on three trees of parts, plus an additional tree in clear styrene for the canopies. An addition full-size tree is also included for the Kublewagen, also molded in light gray.

All of the detailing is crisp and scribed. Some 20 parts are called out to be discarded as these are evidently used in with the earlier Fw 190A-6 mentioned earlier. There are no ejector-pin marks in any visible location on the kit.

The Kublewagen is also nicely detailed, with an option to pose the vehicle with the top up or down. The engine access door is separate, so it is possible to pose the Kubel with the access door open, but you're on your own for an engine.


As mentioned earlier, this kit provides markings for two Fw 190A-8s flown by Heinz Bar:

  • Fw 190A-8, Red 13, Kdr II/JG 26, April 1944

  • Fw 190A-8, Red 23, Kdr II/JG 26, April 1944


It is nice to see the Academy Fw 190 on the shelf again, and in keeping with the current trend of including vehicles in many of the newer kit releases, a 1/72 Kubelwagen is an excellent choice!

My sincere thanks to MRC for this sample!


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