Windsock Datafile 103
By Bruce Robertson
Albatros Productions, LTD 2004
ISBN 1-902207-58-0
Softbound, 32 Pages
Available from Albatros Productions

Reviewed By Chris Banyai-Riepl

Few outside of the realm of World War One researchers have heard of the AMC DH6, which is a pity considering its unique place in WWI aviation. Originally designed as a dedicated trainer, the DH6 entered combat operations hunting submarines in the last year of the war. Before this, trainers generally were modified operational types or obsolete service types, putting the DH6 in that interesting position of being the first purpose-built trainer to become a combat machine.

This title follows the pattern in other Windsock Datafiles, with a well-written text detailing the AMC DH6. Initial development, construction, and operations are all covered in depth in the text. Accompanying this are dozens and dozens of photos covering the entire life of the DH6, including some interesting shots like a DH6 that ditched and survived on experimental flotation gear. The center section has the expected scale drawings in both 1/48 and 1/72 scales, with both the 90hp RAF 1a and 90hp Curtiss OX-5 engine options depicted. The back cover has a trio of color profiles by Ray Rimell demonstrating the expected drab finish of PC10 and gray found on most DH6s.

While the DH6 may not be on the top of most modelers' wish lists, it is nice to see Albatros providing books on these lesser-known types. Often times this is the only reference in print on a type, and I have a feeling that is the case here. Visit their website for this and other great titles in the Datafile series.

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