Westland Welkin F. Mk. I/NF Mk. II

By Martin Velek, Michal Ovcacik, and Karel Susa
4+ Publications, ©2005
ISBN 80-86637-01-8
Softbound, 28 Pages

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

Developed from their experience with the Whirlwind, Westland set out to build a high-altitude fighter to be able to intercept the high-flying Ju 86Ps that were cruising over England in 1940. The result was the Welkin, an attractive aircraft that barely resembled its earlier inspiration, the Whirlwind. The latest title from 4+ covers the history of this fascinating aircraft, both as a day interceptor and as a night fighter.

Like other 4+ titles, this book is broken down into sections, starting with a general summary of the type. Following this is a technical description for both the F. Mk. I and the NF. Mk II. Rounding out the text are a sections on armament and colors & markings. The majority of the book, though, is made up of photos, both of the overall aircraft and closeup detail shots. A center pullout plan section and a series of color profiles round out the book, making this a very complete reference on the Welkin.

With the recent release of the Czech Master Resin 1/72 Welkin kits, this is a great book to pick up. The detail photos will really help the modeler finish that resin kit, and the color profiles, while limited in scope (there really was not much different from one Welkin to the other), at least show off the plane as it appeared in color. My thanks to 4+ Publications for the review sample.

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