U.M.I. Resin 1/32 Conversion Sets

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

UMI Resin is a new name in the resin world, and they have come out with some impressive initial conversion sets. All three are in 1/32 and should offer some interesting options for you big scale modelers. The parts are well cast, with fine recessed panel lines. A bit of cleanup will be required from the pour gate, but other than that, these conversions are pretty much ready to go out of the box.

Conversion Set #1
Ki-43-1 "Early Oscar"

This set is designed for the Revell kit, but it should work on the Hasegawa kit as well. The conversion set includes new wingtips, a new cowling, a two-bladed propeller, with a separate hub, and new exhaust stacks. The instructions are handwritten, but clear, and show all the necessary modifications for both the Revell and Hasegawa kits. Parts to be made by the modeler include the telescopic gunsight (they suggest sprue, I would recommend steel or brass tubing) and fins for the drop tank. Overall, a very simple conversion and one that opens up some interesting marking options. Available for $15.00.

Conversion Set #2
Mitsubishi "Hamp" A6M3 Model 32/22

This is an even more easy conversion than the Oscar one. Basically, all you have to do is chop the wingtips off, add the replacement tips, touch up the aileron line, and the work is finished. The only other part to change is the cowling, which is a direct replacement for the kit piece, so no cutting is required. For $12.00, this is an economical conversion that will make your 1/32 A6M3 just a bit different from all the others out there.

Conversion Set #3
Bf 109G V-Tail Modification

This is for all you Bf 109 lovers out there. Tired of building the same old plane over and over again, with just a change in markings and camouflage? Grab this and make a statement (what that statement is, I don't know, but give it a try!). This is to convert the Hasegawa 1/32 Bf 109G kit into the Bf 109G-0 V48, WNr 14003, that was fitted with an experimental V tail. It was camouflaged in the standard 74/75/76 scheme, and carried the codes VJ+WC on the fuselage. Other than that, the only distinguishing feature is that V tail, which should be more than enough to turn some heads. Absolutely no cutting is required here (well, OK, you do need to trim off the four webs from the tail piece), as the replacement tail slides into the Hasegawa fuselage. Glue it on, sand the seam smooth, and paint it up. This conversion runs $20.00.

UMI Resin has really jumped out into the conversion world with some interesting sets. The prices are affordable, especially as those numbers include USPS shipping throughout the US (foreign orders will have a slightly higher price due to the higher cost of shipping). UMI Resin is not set up for credit card payments yet, but they do take money orders and personal checks. You can contact them by emailing David Thompson. My thanks to UMI Resin for the review samples, and I look forward to their future products (including some complete kits, like the A5M2b!)

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