Kora 1/72 Heinkel He 4

By Tracy Hancock


One look at this seaplane and you can see its heritage. An Ernst Heinkel design built in 1926, it looks every bit the cousin of the Hansa Brandenburg W.29 and W.33 of the latter years of the First World War. The He 4 was essentially an interim development between the He 1 and the He 5, retaining the former's 360hp Rolls Royce Eagle, and was used by the Latvians and by the Swedish Navy as a trainer.

The Kit

Let me just go ahead and say that this is a beautiful kit: crisp detail, minimum of flash, it just begs to be built! Packaged in a sturdy box with some very nice artwork, the 48 resin pieces which make up this aircraft and its beaching dolly are sealed in their polybag, along with the decal sheet and instructions.

The fuselage halves are very well cast and come complete with a nice representation of the cockpit structure. A cockpit floor, seats, and instrument panel are also provided. The floats are solid cast and well detailed, as are the wings, tailplanes, fin, and propeller. Heck, even the struts look good enough to use! The exhausts are thoughtfully given as injected pieces. The parts are practically ready to assemble, with very little cleanup to do.

The instructions are an A4 sheet folded and contain a parts diagram, an exploded assembly view, color and decal placement profile and assembly drawing of the beaching dolly.

Colors call for wings and tail surfaces to be finished in clear doped linen, the fuselage and floats in varnished wood and the engine cowling in natural metal, overall an attractive aircraft.

Decals are for two identical Latvian seaplanes, numbered 20 and 21 and are printed by Tally-Ho! and appear to be quite nice. Packaged with the decals is a piece of clear acetate for creating windscreens.


If this aircraft is up your alley or if you are looking for a change of pace, don't hesitate to buy this kit; it is beautiful!

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