PYN-up 1/48 Havoc Hussies

Part 1 & Part 2

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

Got one or two AMT 1/48 A-20s lying around, and aren't sure what to do with them? Grab one or both of these sheets and give 'em some nose art! These sheets offer some interesting aircraft, ranging from the A-20B to the A-20J. All are camouflaged exampled, finished in olive drab over neutral gray.

Starting with Part 1, this sheet provides markings for two aircraft. The first is an A-20B-DL of the 16th Obs. Sq., flown by Lt. J. R. Delapp. This plane is named "Dinah Mite" and features a nude woman carrying a bomb under her arm. The national insignia is a simple star and circle, without the bars. A large white 17 is on the tail, but this might have been yellow. Both are included on the decal sheet, leaving it up to the modeler to decide. A photo of the nose art in black and white is also included.

Second up is an A-20H-5-DO of the 388 BS, 312 BG. While "Dinah Mite" had rather small artwork, this one goes the other direction, with a large red heard running from the bottom of the canopy to the bottom of the fuselage. On this heart is a sitting woman, stretching, and wearing a negligee. The name "Miss Behaven" is split on either side of her. This plane features medium green edges to the wings and tail in a disruptive pattern. A white heart is on the rear fuselage under the tailplane, while a white band and large letter Y adorn the vertical fin. The final detail is a skull and crossbones on the nose, with the guns poking out of the eyes. A photo of the "Miss Behaven" artwork is included.

The next sheet, Havoc Hussies Part 2, also contains two aircraft. Both of these are A-20Js, and both have that medium green painted around the edges of the wings and tail. The first option is from the 647 BS, 410 BG and is coded 6Q-B. It has invasion stripes on the wings and underside of the fuselage, and the black and white stripes on the rudder. This plane carries a very impressive mission tally board, along with the name "Mama Lou." This mama is also painted behind the mission board, in the form of a sitting woman wearing a skimpy outfit and a veil.

The second option, also from the 410 BG but this time from the 644 BS, is coded 5D-G. Like the aircraft above, it has invasion stripes on the wings and lower fuselage, and the black and white stripes on the rudder. The artwork on this one is a bit different from what we've seen in the past, being that of a child, wearing a leather helmet. The name "Bill" is in yellow above the boy.

All four of these options offer something interesting to spruce up that AMT kit with, and the decals are nicely printed. My thanks to Meteor Productions for the review samples.

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