PYN-up 1/48 Mitchell's Honeys

Part 1 & Part 2

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

Building on their medium bomber nose art line, PYN-up decals have tackled some B-25s next with these two sheets. A total of four aircraft are covered across these two sheets, including two B-25Ds, a B-25H, and a B-25J. All are camouflaged in olive drab over neutral gray.

Starting with Part 1, the first option here is an interesting B-25H-1-NA. This plane is from the 1ACG and was flown by Lt. Ralph Lanning. It was the personal transport of Brig. Orde Wingate, and it has five diagonal white stripes running around the rear fuselage. It's the nose art, though, that puts this plane on this sheet. Named "Erotic Edna," this plane has a nude woman wearing stockings and a garter belt underneath the windscreen. Not much else is on this plane, and a color photo in the instructions show the plane in flight.

The second option is a B-25J-11-NC of the 345 BG, 501 BS, flown by Captain James Underwood. This plane was lost on January 9, 1945 over Sibuyan Island. The plane has the unit indianhead logo on the tail, in a pale green disc, with a yellow 12 above it. On the port side, there is a large unpainted metal area beneath the nose glazing, and the cowlings have red leading edges. Where's the nose art? On the opposite side. Although not exactly unheard of, applying artwork to the right side of the aircraft was definitely in the minority. The artwork on this plane is large and colorful, featuring a woman sitting on a field of grass and leaning up against a tree trunk. She's wearing a black skirt and a black and yellow shirt. The name "Lazy Daisy Mae" is in red and yellow above her bent knees, and a yellow daisy is below them. A very attractive piece of artwork, to say the least.

Part 2 has a couple of B-25Ds on it. The first one is a B-25D-25-NC of the 38 BG, 17 RS out of Linsayen, Luzon in May 1945. This plane features the unit emblem on the tail, with three yellow streaks extending from it. A series of white stars and a white base to the fin completes the tail markings. Moving to the nose, this plane carries a very impressive tally board in yellow. My count comes up with 108 bomb tallies, five ship marks, and two Japanese flag kill markings. That is quite a history there! Adding to the interesting factor is the artwork. Named "Mitch the Witch," this plane features a nude witch riding a broom that is equipped with twin B-25 rudders, painted in prewar red white and blue. Apparently the authorities had this artwork tamed down, because later on (as depicted in the color photograph) the witch was wearing clothes.

The second option is a B-25D-20-NC from the 345 BG, 500 BS, flown by Lt. Merwyn Bruce. This plane has its clear nose section covered over. The tail features the horse unit emblem, and there is a white stripe around the rear fuselage. This plane also carries an impressive tally, although not quite as impressive as "Mitch the Witch" (only one Japanese flag, and no ships). This plane was named "Mexican Spitfire" and has an appropriately clad woman standing on the nose.

Both of these sheets offer some interesting markings, and are bound to find their way onto the sides of an Accurate Miniatures B-25 kit. My thanks to Meteor Productions for the review samples.

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