Cutting Edge 1/32 P-38 Update/Conversion Sets

By Gerry Nilles

New from Cutting Edge are two resin conversion kits and two cockpit super detail sets to be used with the Trumpeter 1/32nd scale P-38J/L kit.

The First two sets will allow the modeler to modify the Trumpeter 1/32nd late model P-38 into the early production versions. Conversion Set CEC32156 includes the correct engine nacelles, boom oil cooler scoops, supercharger covers and clear early style windscreen to modify the Trumpeter J/L into an F, G, or H model. To complete the conversion the modeler will also want set number CEC32157 which is the correct “Super Detailed Cockpit” with posable seatbelts for the early model P-38.


The third set, CEC32159, is a super detailed cockpit to be used in the late model P-38J/L. This set, also with posable seatbelts, is designed to give that extra something that will make a model of this size really standout.

The fourth and final offering from Cutting Edge to be reviewed is an F-4A/F-5A/F-5B/F-5C Conversion Set (CEC32160). This set, in conjunction with CEC32156 and CEC 32157 will allow the modeler to take the Trumpeter 1/32nd P-38 one step further and convert it to an early photo recon bird.


All of these conversion and super detail sets are of the usual superb quality that is the hallmark of Cutting Edge products. Of particular note is outstanding quality of the replacement clear windscreen for an early model P-38. How do they do that? So if you want to add an early model P-38 to your 1/32nd collection my guess is that this will be the only way to go for some time to come.

My thanks to Meteor Productions and Cutting Edge for the sample copies.

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