Pavla 1/72 Accessories

By Chris Banyai-Riepl


BAC TSR.2 Sets

Pavla has two new accessory sets for the Airfix BAC TSR.2 kit. The first, C72053, contains a complete cockpit replacement, including a vacuformed canopy. This consists of a one-piece resin tub, two instrument panels, a new instrument coaming, and two replacement seats. The vacuformed canopies will show this off quite well.

The other set, S72041, relies on most of the kit cockpit, as it is just the detailed ejection seats. Whichever set you choose will be an improvement over the kit pieces.

Westland Wessex Sets

The next two sets are designed for the Italeri Wessex kit. A nice kit, it could use some improvement in the interior, and set C72051 provides that. This set has new seats, a new cockpit floor and bulkhead, sidewall detailing, and instrument panel. This will really look nice once it is painted up.

The other Wessex set is specifically designed for the HAS.3 kit. This set, U72-74, provides direct kit replacements for several of the external radomes.

Bell OH-58D Set

Italeri has a knack for releasing some very nice helicopter kits, and Pavla has been building on that with some nice cockpit detail sets. This set, C72052, takes care of the OH-58D kit with a nice replacement cockpit. You get a new tub, instrument panel, seats, coaming, and ancillary details that will really look nice under that wide, clear canopy.

B-26K Set

This detail set is for yet another Italeri kit, this time the B-26K kit. Italeri’s B-26 kit is very welcome, and this set, U72-72, adds detail to the engine area. You get new engines, replacement cowls with separate cowl flaps, and nicely detailed exhaust stubs. This will give a nice boost to an already nice kit.

Seafire Set

The final package that arrived from Pavla is a small little set designed for all Seafire kits. These are RATOG bottles and while they are simple in design, they are nicely cast and will add a bit of variation to your fleet of Seafires.

My thanks to Pavla for the review samples.

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