By Matt Bittner

Occasionally a modeling tool will come along that will force you to ask yourself, how did I get along without this for so long? This is the way I feel about the JLC Saw. Sure, I have other saws that I use occasionally. Plus, as it comes "out of the box" the saw (with handle) won't handle some of the tough-to-get-into spots, but overall this is one awesome tool.

There are two sides to this saw: fine and very fine. When this was demonstrated to me at the IPMS/USA Nationals, John showed me various uses for it, and stressed it would work on canopies, especially vac canopies. I believe!

While I haven't used this on any canopies yet, I have used it in other ways, including re-adding panel lines to a twin-engine resin aircraft I'm working on. Perfect! When held steadily enough I was able to re-add a panel line without anything to guide me. I used it to also cut pieces from sprue, and from resin pour blocks. While you want another saw to remove large resin pour blocks (with a larger "cut") you use this saw to cut out the smaller pieces that would be ruined with a larger blade.

I hope to use this soon on an injected canopy, cutting the windscreen from the sliding canopy. I have extremely high hopes this tool will do so with no problems at all, along with cutting very little away from the clear piece.

I can heartily recommend this tool. Like I mentioned in my first paragraph, I can't imagine how I got along without this tool in the past.

Note, cost for the blade/handle is US$14.95, while the cost of the extra blade is US$4.95 Worth every penny. Also note the blade/handle combination comes with a spare blade.

Thanks to UMM USA for the review samples. Thanks to John Vojtech for openeing my eyes to a wonderful modeling tool.

Note the name. John Vojtech had an awesome 1/72nd Northrop B-2 that was amazingly detailed and worthy of all awards and accolades.

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