Alanger 1/350 Typhoon Class SSBN

By Chris Banyai-Riepl


The Typhoon Class submarine is the largest submarine class ever built. Constructed of two Delta pressure hulls side by side, with a third smaller pressure hull just beneath the sail, the Typhoon is one of the quietest Russian submarines built. Carrying twenty SS-N-20 missiles, the Typhoon formed an important part of the Soviet Union's nuclear deterrence fleet. The fall of the Soviet Union eliminated their usefulness, though, and of the original six built, only one remains today.

The Kit

Alanger continues their impressive line of submarine kits with this new kit of the Typhoon. Molded in black plastic, the first thing that hits you is that this is definitely a big submarine! The box is huge and sturdy, which is nice, even though there is not much here to protect. The parts count, while more than earlier Alanger releases, is still low, which suggests that this kit will be a quick build. A decal sheet with mainly white markings rounds out the contents.

Construction is quite simple, and the only real complications will be with the size of the ship. The main hull is separated into an upper and lower section, with a separate sail. The hull and sail have good detail on them, although missing is some representation of the tile coating seen prominently in photos. Scribed lines would likely be too heavy, so I am not sure what could be done here, though. I might try representing that feature with painted decal film. The vertical fins are separate, and split into right and left halves, as are the rear dive planes. Other hull details include ventral strakes and vents.

Another feature in this kit are the open missile doors. All 20 doors are open, although I have yet to see a photo showing more than four doors open at a time. The doors themselves are nicely detailed, with two pieces for each door. On the other side of those doors, an insert provides the tops of all the missile silos. If you have all 20 doors open, be ready for quite a bit of painting small circles, as all the missile caps were generally a bright color compared to the rest of the submarine (the instructions indicate a green color). A set of antennae and periscopes add to the sail detail and round out this kit.

For painting, this submarine is mainly black overall, with a flat red lower nose. The majority of the decals are white hull markings, although there is a large badge that was worn on the nose of one of the Typhoons, at least at launch. The quality of the decals looks good and should pose no problem in application.


It is great to finally have a good 1/350 Typhoon available, and I hope that Alanger continues to produce quality 1/350 Russian submarines. My thanks to Alanger for the review sample.

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