Pavla 1/72 & 1/48 Resin Accessories

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

Pavla has come out with quite a collection of accessory sets for both new and old kits. The majority are in 1/72, but there are a couple of 1/48 sets for those so inclined to this larger scale. As there are just a couple of those, we’ll start with those first.

Both of the 1/48 sets are designed for the Trumpeter 1/48 Hawker Seahawk kit. The first set, U48-26, is a main wheel well update. This has a single main piece for the wells, as well as new gear doors.

Set U48-27 moves outboard a bit, providing a wing fold hinge. This is quite nicely done, and includes both inboard and outboard inserts. It also has separate control surfaces and a new arrestor hook.

Both of these sets will really tweak up that Trumpeter kit.

Moving on to the 1/72 sets, there are fourteen total sets, for eight different aircraft. Starting with the single set subjects, U72-84 is for the Hasegawa 1/72 Jaguar A. This set provides a main wheel well and cannon bay. There will be some cutting required here, but this is a big step above what the kit has.

Moving on to cockpit sets, the next one is C72060, designed for the Revell 1/72 Fiat G.91R3 kit. This set provides a one-piece tub, with a separate instrument panel, control stick, and seat. This set will want you to have that canopy open.

Next up is C72061. This cockpit set is designed for the very nice Condor 1/72 MiG-25P kit. A weak point in that kit is the cockpit, and this set addresses that beautifully. The one-piece tub is complemented by separate sidewalls, a new instrument panel coaming, a control stick and an instrument panel.

The next set is for an older kit, the Dragon 1/72 Heinkel He 162. Set C72063 replaces the kit cockpit with a nice resin set that includes a multi-part tub, new instrument panel, and a very nice seat. The sidewall pieces are particularly nice, being both thin and well detailed.

A generic set is next, and this is W72-81, USSR Aircraft Guns – WW2. There are six provided in this set, all of different types. These include the ShKAS Mk 34 7.62mm gun, used on the SB-2, TB-3, DB-3, Pe-8, and Pe-2; the ShVAK 20mm gun used on the Pe-8, TB-7, and Yer-2; the Berezin UB 12.7mm gun as used on the Il-4; the Berezin UB 12.7mm gun used on the Pe-8, Pe-2, TB-7, Il-2, and Yer-2; the ShKAS KM-35 7.62mm gun used on the Po-2, R-5, Be-4, TB-3, and Be-2; and the Dyegtyaryev DA 7.62mm gun used on the Il-2, Po-2, and TB-3. These are well done and will be a great improvement over kit parts. The only down side would be if you needed more than one of a type for your particular model, which would necessitate buying more than one set. Still, the quality would be worth the added expenditure.

The Trumpeter 1/72 Hawker Sea Fury is next, with two sets designed for it. The first (U72-86, illustrated at top) is a new propeller that corrects one of the most glaring errors of the Trumpeter kit. This includes a jig for aligning all the blades properly, a very nice touch.

The other Sea Fury set, C72062, provides a complete replacement cockpit. This will be quite a bit better than the kit pieces, and the detail is very nice. There is a one-piece tub, separate side walls, a new seat and instrument panel, and even an insert for behind the cockpit.

Tackling a kit that has been around for quite a while, the next two sets are designed for the impressive Heller 1/72 Mirage IV. This kit has been around for a while, at least a couple of decades (one reference I found said that it was from the late 1960s, even), so it is not going to be up to modern standards. Pavla addresses probably the weakest point with their set C72059, which provides a new cockpit. This includes two nicely done seats, a one-piece tub, and instrument panels.

Once you have your Mirage together and painted up, U72-85 provides the CT52 photo reconnaissance pod carried by the Mirage IVP. This is a one-piece pod, with separate camera lenses. You will have to source clear plastic to make up the covers, but these are all flat so it should not be too challenging.

The last aircraft covered is the Italeri/ESCI 1/72 Sea Harrier FRS.1. Considered by many to be the best 1/72 Sea Harrier, these sets provide some improvements to the intakes and control surfaces. U72-81 provides replacement air intakes and exhaust nozzles. The intakes have the blow-in doors open on top and closed on bottom, as they would be in an aircraft sitting at rest.

The other set for the Sea Harrier, U72-83, provides new control surfaces for the Italeri/ESCI kit. This includes stabilizers, elevators, ailerons, and flaps. Some trimming will be required to replace the rudder and wing control surfaces, but nothing too challenging.

Finally, Pavla has packaged the seats from several of these sets separately. These include S72046, with the Heinkel He 162 seat for the Dragon kit, S72045, with the Hawker Sea Fury seat for the Trumpeter kit, and S72044, with the MB Mk. 1W6A seat for the Fiat G.91 (and also for the Aermacchi 326/Impala).

My thanks to Pavla for the review samples.

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