Red Pegasus Decals
Cobra I & Cobra II

By Jim Schubert


The history of the Cobra I and Cobra II racers was covered in my review of the new Accurate Miniatures kit in last month’s issue of this magazine.

Keith Davidson, major domo of Red Pegasus, sent me these decals after reading that review.

The Decals

Red Pegasus offers separate sheets for Cobra I and for Cobra II in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale. They are completely accurate to the best of my knowledge and include the anti-glare panel and the “Flower Petals” on the nose. They are very crisply and clearly printed in perfect register. Even the tiniest lettering can be easily read. The greatest thing about Red Pegasus’ products is that they are lovingly created by a genuine, very knowledgeable, enthusiast of air racing and are accurate. Most of Keith’s decals are available in the three main scales. Go to his web site, for details regarding other products, prices, ordering, shipping, etc.


These are products of true quality. No more need be said.


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