Yellowhammer Models 1/48 F-14D Decals Tomcat Sunset #1, #2, & #3

By Gerry Nilles

New from Yellowhammer Models are three sets of F-14D decals that celebrate the end of operational Tomcats. Appropriately these offerings are named Tomcat Sunset #1 “Final Tomcat Trap”(YHD48035), Tomcat Sunset #2 “VF-31’s Final Tomcats” (YHD48036) and, Tomcat Sunset #3 (YHD48037). I should note here that all three sets are for VF-31’s F-14Ds.

Tomcat Sunset #1 (YHD48035)

“Final Tomcat Trap” provides the modeler with a choice of markings for one of three different VF-31 aircraft that were operating off of the USS Theodore Roosevelt on July 28th 2006. The first is A/C No.110 that was flown by Lt Taylor Grant, the second is A/C No.112 flown by Lt. Chris Rattigan, and the last is A/C No.106 which was piloted by LCDR Dave Faehnle. It should that all three of these aircraft have standard operational low-visibility schemes.

Tomcat Sunset #2 “VF-31’s final Tomcats” (YHD48036)

Provides the modeler with a choice of markings for one of two different VF-31 aircraft that were assigned to NAS Oceana, VA during September of 2006. The first is A/C No.101 that was flown by CDR Jim “Puck” Howe; the other is A/C No.103 which was piloted by CDR Greg Knepper. Unlike the previous set these two aircraft have the traditional gray and white scheme, with red, white and blue national insignias along with colorful tail markings.

Tomcat Sunset #3 (YHD48037)

In this case provides the modeler with markings for two complete VF-31 aircraft. As with Sunset #2 these aircraft were also assigned to NAS Oceana in September of 2006. The first is A/C No.102 that was piloted by CDR Curt “Opie” Seth. This F-14D has the standard operational low-vis scheme. The other is A/C No.100 which was flown by the Squadron Commander Capt Dan “Dix” Dixon. As with Sunset #2 this aircraft is very colorful especially with its black and yellow tail markings.

My sincere thanks to Yellowhammer Models and Meteor Productions for the review copies they have provided.

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