By Jim Schubert
Photos by Tim Nelson,Jim Schubert and Don Conrard



Well – we did it again! We pulled off this annual event without any fights or serious arguments and everyone exhibiting or attending appeared to have a good time. Fewer models were damaged by the modelers themselves in packing and transporting their treasures than in previous years and viewers inflicted no damage at all this year. In response to organizer Tim Nelson’s constantly repeated pleas throughout the year since the last show, to “Bring all your models”, we had a final count of about 2,060; way up from the 1,229 we had last year. This is an annual show presented by the NorthWest Scale Modelers assisted by members of IPMS-Seattle and sponsored by Seattle’s Museum Of Flight. It is held in the Great Gallery under and around the MOF’s Blackbird.

This year the theme of the show was “Model Citizens” and each modeler’s models were displayed together rather than being separated by subject or era as in past years. This arrangement was very popular with modelers and viewers. It was easier for the modelers to set up and take down and it gave viewers the opportunity to see the diversity of subjects produced by each modeler. The reduction in handling of the models probably contributed to the diminished incidence of damage. Computer artist Jon Carr Farrelly designed the stand-up placards designating each modeler’s area. These were done in the style of the cover of a modeling magazine. Airplanes predominated but there was also a heavy spicing with ships, armor, figures, cars, Sci-Fi, fantasy and even railroads.

This show is a lot of fun for modelers precisely because it is not a contest and, because of the museum environment, no vendors. It is two days of looking at other modelers’ work, asking them how they did that and just sitting around schmoozing with modelers and answering the questions of museum goers. To draw viewers into a closer intimacy with the modelers we again set up several large tables for actual model work. Steve Gallachi drew a lot of rapt attention as he worked with his lathe making master parts for Craftworks.

The Eighth Air Force Veterans had a table full of models of their planes and answered a lot of questions about activities in WWII. There was even a “Rosie the Riveter” roaming about the museum during the show

The presentation in the William M. Allen theatre, associated with this year’s show, was given by Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, the President and CEO of the Museum Of Flight, about her youth growing up on a farm in eastern Washington, her education and her five Space Shuttle missions. The theatre was packed and standees overflowed out into the lobby.

Galaxy Hobby again sponsored a Make-and-Take program for kids using over 200 snap together kits. NWSM members assisted the kids.

Our good friends from IPMS-Vancouver, up in British Columbia, journeyed south again bringing over 200 models with them to enhance our show.

If you’re in this part of the world in the middle of February next year, join us for a couple of days of modeling Gemutlichkeit and don’t forget to “Bring all your models!”

Enjoy the photos.



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