Icarus 1/48 (& 1/72) Hellenic Air Force Jets Part 1

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

For those interested in small air forces, Icarus Decals are well worth picking up. Focusing on the Hellenic Air Force, this sheet provides markings for three types of aircraft: the A-7 Corsair II, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and the Mirage 2000. Note that I stated that these decals are for aircraft types, rather than a specific aircraft, which is readily apparent when you look at the decal sheet. There are enough spare numbers and such to effectively build a model of any one of these Hellenic aircraft, in addition to the specific aircraft marked out in the instructions.

Starting out with the A-7s, the instructions provide drawings for five aircraft, including two TA-7s. These examples show the basic variations in camouflage patterns seen on Hellenic A-7s, and for more specific information Icarus recommend checking references. While the instructions list several good publications, I would go a step further and recommend checking out Airliners.net, which has quite a few photos of current HAF aircraft. In addition to the national and squadron markings, this sheet also includes stenciling decals for your A-7, with excellent drawings showing their placement.

Moving on to the F-16, the instructions highlight six aircraft, including a pair of two-seaters. All HAF F-16s are finished in their unique “Ghost” camouflage scheme consisting of FS36307, 36251, and 35237. Given the repetitive appearance of F-16s around the world, I find this scheme rather refreshing. For those looking for interesting markings, there is one Block 50 F-16C shown with a red tailband marked with black dots, and a Block 30 F-16C carrying the squadron emblem of 330 Squadron on the tail in two shades of gray. Like the A-7, there is some stenciling included, as well as two different colored roundels. Check your sources to determine which aircraft requires the light or dark blue.

The final aircraft presented on this sheet is the Mirage 2000. Four aircraft are illustrated, again with the last pair being two seaters. All of these aircraft have their respective squadron badge on the tail fin, and like the F-16, there are two styles of roundel blue provided. Stenciling is also prevalent for this aircraft, which will help fill out the otherwise bland scheme found on the Hellenic Mirages.

The decals themselves are nicely printed by Cartograf, with excellent register and color density. The instructions are clear, especially with the text descriptions, and there should be no questions in applying the decals. In fact, about the only thing missing is a recommended kit list, which, given the number of F-16 kits out there, would have been nice. For those who build in a smaller scale, this same sheet is available in 1/72 as sheet # 72001.

My thanks to Icarus Decals for the review sample. Icarus Decals are available from many sources, including Hannant’s, Meteor Productions, and Flight Decs, as well as direct from the source:

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