Cutting Edge & PYN 1/32 P-47 Thunderbolt Decals

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

With Hasegawa, and now Trumpeter, hitting the 1/32 P-47D arena, it would not be long before we saw some great decal options for them. Cutting Edge and PYN-up Decals have come out with a couple of sheets aimed at bubbletop Jugs (currently only the Hasegawa kit, but the Trumpeter bubbletop is due soon).

Starting with the Cutting Edge sheet, this provides markings for two aircraft. The first is from the 56th FG and actually has two options, an early and a late style. This is Lt. Col. David Schilling’s LM-S, with its classic “Hairless Joe” artwork on the cowling. Like many of the 56th FG aircraft, this plane has the upper surfaces camouflaged in a random pattern of RAF Dark Green and Grey. The forward half of the cowling is red, while the rudder is yellow. The differences between the two options are solid versus stenciled codes and serials, a slightly different camouflage on the rear fuselage, and different script under the windscreen. Oh, and of course, more kill markings on the later option.

The second aircraft on this sheet is also a camouflaged aircraft, and also finished in RAF colors. This is Lt. Frank Oiler’s “Eileen” from the 84th FS, 78th FG. This P-47 is Dark Green above and RAF Sky on the undersurfaces. The cowling features that wonderful black and white checkerboard, while the artwork, a gun-toting bee, sits on the fuselage under the windscreen. The interesting color scheme, coupled with the great artwork, make this a nice Jug to do.

For those that like nose art, though, the PYN-up sheet will be the one to seek out. This sheet has two aircraft, both finished in natural metal, and both featuring some great artwork on the cowling. The first one, “Dottie Mae,” is Lt. Larry A Kuhl’s aircraft from the 511th FS, 405th FG. Coded K4-S, this Jug has a yellow cowl front and a matching yellow canopy framing, along with red tail bands. The nose art has a woman dressed in a skimpy Santa’s outfit, complete with a chimney in the background. This aircraft has the distinction of being the last P-47 combat loss in Europe, when Lt. Henry Mohr flew too low and crashed into Lake Traun in Austria. This aircraft has since been raised and is currently undergoing restoration.

The second aircraft on this sheet is from the 63rd FS, 56th FG out of Boxted, England in 1944. Named “Shack Rat,” this aircraft is coded UN-M and has invasion stripes on the fuselage undersides. The cowling is red, the tail bands black, and the artwork is another nice piece of work. This one features a stretching blonde in black stockings and a thin yellow nightie, with that classic ‘come hither’ look.

Both of these sheets are well printed and include a full set of stenciling data as well. The instructions are up to the usual high standard found in Cutting Edge and PYN-up decal sheets. I highly recommend reading the text inserts as well as studying the drawings when it comes time to painting and applying these decals. My thanks to Meteor Productions for the review samples.

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