AMT/Ertl 1/25th Shelby GT 350

By Jacob Russell


The 1967 Shelby GT-350 was not your average Mustang. It was powered by a Shelby tuned 289 cubic inch Ford V-8 with a four barrel Holley carburetor and it produced 306 horsepower. The body had many special features to distinguish it from the stock Mustang, among them Mercury Cougar taillights, a custom hood with air scoop and hood pins, and fiberglass air scoops mounted on the body aft of the doors. A four speed manual transmission was standard equipment, and options included an automatic transmission, Kelsey-Hayes Magstar wheels, Paxton supercharger, and air conditioning. The Shelby GT-350 had the performance to match its appearance, with a 0-60 time of 7.1 seconds, a 15.3 second quarter mile run @ 91 MPH, and a top speed of 129 MPH. Not bad for 1967!

The Kit

The kit is well packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. The model consists of 123 parts-84 gray, 25 chrome, 8 clear, 4 rubber tires, and 2 clear red parts. The parts are all separately bagged, with the exception of the clear parts, which were slightly scratched. These parts come on 7 sprues, with the exception of the body and the inner door detail. The body is very well executed with crisp detail, and minimal mold lines. The hood has molded on hood pins and these are only fair. The chrome parts include the bumpers, wheels, air cleaner, front disc brakes, etc. The quality of the chrome is good, and there is also an optional pair of ribbed valve covers with “Cobra” script. The soft rubber “Firestone” tires have good detail. The chassis is nicely done and the interior parts-especially the dashboard-are quite impressive. The engine detail is also well executed, albeit slightly soft. The fold out instructions feature good drawings and a logical build sequence, but the color recommendations are generic; for example suggesting “Blue” for the engine block rather than Ford Engine Blue, which is more accurate. The decals are screen-printed, include a pair of license plates, and the quality is mediocre. My overall impression of this kit is positive.


The website The Car Source lists the following dimensions for the Shelby GT-350: a wheelbase of 108 inches, overall height of 51.6 inches, overall width of 70.9 inches, and an overall length of 186.6 inches. I have not checked the kit against these measurements but I feel that kit accurately depicts the car so I will defer to the Mustang experts on that subject. No kit is perfect and this one is no exception. The carburetor and battery are generic in their detail and the “Cobra” valve covers should be black crinkle finished rather than chrome plated. The Kelsey-Hayes Magstar wheels, although nice, are not quite right in their proportions: the centers should be smaller and the rims should be bigger.


I have always liked Mustangs, and I really like this kit. I think that a competent builder can produce a nice model from this model kit, and that a little aftermarket “help” in the form of seatbelts, a set of photo-etched hood pins, etc. can result in a highly detailed model anyone would be pleased with. Information on the AMT/Ertl website indicates that this kit is not currently in production but it should be easy enough to find. I purchased my kit from Skyway Model Shop.

Highly recommended!


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