Lindberg Dodge L-700, Flatbed Trailer, and '40 Ford

By Carl Kietzke


This is a 3 kits-in-one box release combining a semi-tractor, flatbed trailer and a 1940 Ford sedan. The Dodge L-700 was originally issued by IMC in the early 1970s. The L-700 was Dodge’s answer to Ford’s C series trucks and it matched the C series rating for rating. The cab was adapted from the A series of Dodge cab over pickups with a new fender/floor pan to accommodate its use as a tilt-cab. Available engines ranged from the ever faithful slant six up to a 440 cid V-8. I have built 8 of these Dodges since its first release, with two conversions underway and more to follow. I just found some neat pictures of L-700 chassised fire apparatus, so time for lots of sheet styrene!

The flat bed trailer in this kit was also originally issued by IMC shortly after the L-700 kit came out. It represents a generic medium duty semi-framed flatbed of the period. This trailer has always sort of bothered me as it appears to be a composite Trailmobile/Fruehauf/Great Dane/Kentucky: not really any of them, but similar to all of them. Overall an acceptable unit for this use.

The 1940 Ford Sedan is the old Lindberg release, very nice and not much to say. In this kit it is intended to be a dilapidated load to place on the flatbed.

The Kit(s)

The Dodge L-700 comes molded on 7 sprues of white plastic, one each clear and chrome plus the cab and floor pan. Considering the 35+ year age of this kit there is remarkably little flash evident, a definite tribute to the quality of the mold steel used by IMC. This model is somewhat typical of kits produced by IMC, as it has numerous working features (hinged doors, poseable steering) that are actually close to scale and therefore quite delicate.

The Flatbed trailer comes molded on 4 white sprues, one clear, and the two sections of the trailer deck. Again, 35+ years old with negligible flash, high quality tools. The tires for both the tractor and trailer are solid vinyl stuffed into a separate bag. They claim to be 10.00X20 Goodyears on the sidewalls, but scale out to more like 10.00X24.5.

The 1940 Ford comes molded on 4 white sprues, 1 clear, and 1 chrome sprue plus the fenders and body. This is the Lindberg release from a few years ago and is inundated by flash on all parts except the chrome and clear. There is also noticeable warpage on the fender unit, which I hope will be easy to correct. If not, it will definitely be built more dilapidated than the kit instructions recommend!


The Dodge L-700 is spot on to published Dodge truck literature from 1972. The door and tilt hinges are close to scale and not obtrusive. The engine is a Dodge small block HD truck engine which could be 290, 318, or 361 cid. The transmission is a 5 speed Clark driving a Rockwell 2 speed rear end. The only downfall of this kit are the wheels and tires. As mentioned above, they claim to be 10.00X20, but scale out to 10.00X24.5 and just look wrong to me. Always have, always will.

Since the trailer is of no particular prototype, I cannot vouch for accuracy here. It looks OK for the late '60s and early '70s so call it good for the purpose


Overall, I am glad to see the L-700 and Flatbed Trailer back. Several recent books I have obtained contain neat pictures of Fire apparatus on Dodge L-700 chassis. I can get enough to build them all. If you take your time, these kits build up into reasonable replicas. Have a little fun with some classic kits! My thanks to J. Lloyd International for the review sample.

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