AMT 1/25 Autocar A64B Semi

By Carl Kieztke


This kit has not seen the light of day for over 30 years, and is a very welcome reissue from Stevens International. The Autocar A64B was the top end of Autocar’s highway truck line back in the 70’s. First, a quick translation of the A64B name: A= Aluminum, 64= 6X4 configuration (6 wheels, 4 driven), B= set back front axle. This truck was also available in a forward set axle configuration (A64F) with a metal or fiberglass hood/fender unit. I am quite pleased that Stevens International has chosen this as one of their reissues.

The Kit

This kit is molded in white spread over three main sprues that are cut up for ease of packaging. The A64B specific parts are flash free and look as good as the 30-year old kit on my shelf. The chrome is good, but there are large obvious blemishes that will be present when parts are removed. The frame and engine components, which are common to the Autocar Dump truck kit, are showing their age.


Dead on, this is a great kit of the factory “spec” truck with a few added options.


Good to have it back. This kit does have several unlisted options. The Cummins NHC-250 engine can be converted to an NTC series engine with included parts. The kit also contains AMT’s great Uniroyal 11.00X22 tires. I have about 10 projects for this kit, and now have enough kits to do them all.

This kit was purchased from Skyway Model Shop in Seattle, Washington.

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