Pro Resin 1/72 Temco T-610 "Super Pinto"

By Matt Bittner


From the instruction sheet:

"Several of the Navy's were declated surplus and released on the civilian market. Several were re-engined, one with a 2850 lp thrust J85 engine and it has flown occasionally at air-shows. With over three times the thrust of the original Pinto it truly qualifies as a "Super Pinto".

"In the late 1960s, AJI purchased the rights to the Temco TT-1, along with one surplus aircraft. The fuselage was stretched 2.5 feet and a General Electric CJ-610 engine was installed. The USAF evaluated this "Super Pinto" during its Pave Coin Program in 1971, but no purchase followed. The AJI T-610 program lay dormant until the entire project was sold in 1978 to the Self Reliace Development Wing of the Phillippine Air Force. It is not known if the T-610 will be put into production or not. Besides the engine changes, the T-610 features a modified wing, tip-tanks and six hard-points".

The Kit

Since there are only a few parts difference between this and the "regular" "Pinto", I'm not going to go into too much detail with this article. Just be aware the same level of finesse and detail exists in this kit as well.

Jast as with the "Pinto", the decals - printed by Begemot - are extremly nicely done and I see no registration problems at all. Again there are two schemes catered for, first, the T-610 that was evaluated during the Pave Coin Program at Eglin AFB in 1971. Finally, the last scheme is for a civilian registered machine, "Can Do American Jet" at Mojave, CA, in October 1974. Both have the same camo scheme and there are stencils too, just like the "Pinto".


Couple this with the "Pinto" and you'll have a couple of unique models on your shelves. Both are very well molded and hopefully should build up well. If prototypes are your "thing", then by all means pick up this kit. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks to Pro Resin for this review kit.

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