RS Models 1/72 Ambrosini SAI 207

By Bill Powers


The plane in this kit was to be a “light weight fighter” for the Italian airforce. The company had built small “touring planes” and this design was based on these successful designs. The kit models the third version; wooden construction, inline air cooled engine and two machine guns in the fuselage. The design was fast, faster than some of the early Italian monoplane fighters but had serious shortcomings. First, an aerodynamic problem cut off air to the rear cylinders causing overheating when pulling out of a dive. There was an open wheel well which allowed air to enter the wing and blew out the wing during a test flight. Like some French designs and the Bell P-77 light weight fighter, attempts to make a viable fighter using low horsepower required too many compromises.

Several went to operational units and there were plans for a more advanced version, but faster, stronger “full sized” planes became available and the Armistice stopped any plans for manufacturing in large numbers.

The Kit

This is a new kit manufacturer - to me - from the Czech Republic. Their box is a sturdy end opening affair with a colorful painting of the plane on the front and three color profiles on the back.

Inside are two ziplock bags. In one is one plastic sprue with the plans and in the other the “goodies”!

There are not many pieces to this kit. The molding is crisp with a one piece wing that has an appropriately deep wheel well! The stabs are also one piece. Thick molding but no sink holes or short molding! The recessed panel lines are petit and crisp. Nice cockpit and interesting nose pieces are very well molded. Some cleaning up will be required but nothing a swipe of 600 can’t handle. The plans are very clear, there are arrows directing each piece to its proper location and there is even a nice front and side view drawing of the plane. Won’t take long to put this one together!

The goodie bag has a COLORED PE set from Eduard including the complicated Italian seatbelt system, trim wheels, oleo scissors, lower engine cowling (optional replacement for the nice molded piece) and a two piece dash...really nice. Unfortunately, the canopy is one piece and a little thick. While it is clear and beautifully molded, this PE fret cries out for an open canopy!!!

The plane can be painted anyway you like so long as it’s green on top and gray underneath! There are decals for two Italian and one German plane...very nice decals! Check out this site for photos of the plane.


A very quick build but one of quality. The molding and PE set make this a nice kit of a very obscure plane!

Thanks to RS Models for the kit and for such a nice job. I look forward to some of the other kits shown on the kit box.

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