Contrails Models Set CMV25-44 (V2500) and CMAFC-44 (CFM-56) Airbus Narrowbody Engines w/ Deployed Reversers

By Mike Egan

The latest resin replacement engines from Contrails Models (formerly InFormation), are for the Revell Airbus A319/320/321 family of kits. Both the IAE V2500 and CFM-56 are now available. Following in the footsteps of the set already released for the Boeing B737NG, these engines are also molded in the Reverser Deployed configuration.

Both sets feature the engine and pylon molded as one piece in gray resin. The V2500 set has the deployed reverser sleeve molded to the engine nacelle. The CFM-56 set has additional mold stubs with 4 separate reverser petal doors for each engine. Fan blade detail is excellent on both sets. The exposed cascade grill on the V2500 set is very delicate and well molded. Turbine blades are clearly molded in the exhaust section of the V2500s. Both the core and fan exhaust sections are molded open on the CFMs, with thin lips on the nacelle edges. Removal from the mold stubs and clean-up should pose no problems.

CFM .... V2500



Both of these sets will make excellent additions to the great Revell narrowbody Airbus kits. Review sample courtesy of Contrails Models. Be sure to visit the Contrails website to see the entire line of terrific resin kits and detail parts.

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