Wolfpack 1/144 British Aircraft Corporation TSR.2

By Matt Bittner


In light of the recent release of the (already sold out) Airfix 1/72nd kit, there have been plenty of histories and such written with that release. So, I leave it to the reader to track down that information.

The Kit

This is my first Wolfpack kit, and I don't think it's going to be my last. This is an exceptional piece of modeling cast in a different type of resin (at least what I'm used to). It's heavier than most resins, which means there is no nose weight needed (not that there's anyplace it could be put in).

The TSR.2 consists of 30 pieces of white resin, 1 piece of clear resin and three white metal pieces (which make up the landing gear). Decals aren't actually "decals", they're dry transfers with a ton of small stencils and numerals to make all three airframes. Hopefully putting the transfers on won't be that difficult.

Unfortunately the instructions aren't laid out typically. There is no "step one", "step two", etc. instead there are small photos showing the placement of most of the smaller parts. So, for that reason alone I think this kit is geared more toward those whom have built a multitude of aircraft models and know where everything goes. However, it's not too difficult and with careful cutting and sanding of the parts from the pour blocks one should be able to glue this together with minimal seam work.

I kinda started the kit already and the last sentence I typed is true. Some of the parts require a lot more care than others when removing from the pour block and fitting (like the intakes, for example) but with plenty of patience you should be able to put this kit together and not worry about a lot of seam work. I was able to not only get the wing onto the mid-fuselage with no gaps, I was also able to get the exhausts with a very tight fit (which will help when painting).

Having the landing gear as white metal will really help since the model is a little heavier than most. There will be no worries about the landing gear buckling over time.


All in all a very awesome kit. If you were daunted at the size of the Airfix TSR.2 then the Wolkpack 1/144th scale kit is definitely the way to go. It's the perfect size to fit on almost all shelves. The type of resin used is not what I'm used to, but it definitely showcases the type of detail and finesse evident in this kit. I can definitely recommend this kit for those looking for an alternative to the Airfix kit but still wanting a TSR.2 in their collection.

My thanks to Wolfpack Design for the review kit.

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