Revell 1/72 21cm Morser 18 Heavy Artillery Gun

Interview By Bill Powers
Model By John Cornett


The April issue of Internet Modeler had an in the box review with pictures of the sprues. Unfortunately mine is still in the box, but another club member, John Cornett, was more prompt and completed his. These pictures were taken at our club’s annual contest and John agreed to an “interview” on his construction experience.


“The kit went together quickly. It was bought one weekend and painted the next. The build would have been quicker but small pieces kept falling on the floor resulting in considerable time on hands and knees searching. For example, the breech block has about ten additional pieces, most of them very tiny. There were some construction stages where the instructions were not as clear as required.”.

“No putty was needed. The two barrel halves went together beautifully and made a nice circular barrel. The wheel tread didn’t look quite right compared to photos of the real gun and needs some clean up. The only “fiddly” pieces are the three units that rest on the turntable. Getting these three to touch the turntable while keeping the gun level, was a chore.”

John plans to place the model on a base and add the recoil arms and stakes.

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