Hobby Boss 1/72 MiG-15 UTI Midget

By Bill Powers


Hobby Boss continues to churn out kits at prices not seen in decades! I bought one of the earlier offerings and was disappointed in the thinness of the horizontal stabilizer...something that distracts from the image of the completed model.

One of our club members bought the MiG 15 single seat kit and what an improvement! We were all impressed. I bought the two seater, for less than $10, what a kit!

The box is a top opening affair, sturdy for its purpose. Inside is a vacuum formed tray holding the essential parts, wing, fuselage halves, canopy and cockpit tub. Under the tray is a sprue with the rest, landing gear, two drop tanks, seats, dash etc. There are decals for two planes, Russian and Iraq, both in camouflage. The instruction sheet is simple but very clear. A color profile for both planes is coded to several brands of paint but only the Mr. Color brand matches all colors.

Now for a little critique: The main gear has separate struts, wheels and gear doors while the nose wheel has the strut and wheel molded as one piece. The detailing on all these pieces is very nice, accurate and petite!

The one piece canopy is one of the clearest and thinnest I’ve ever seen in a 1/72 or any kit! Some cutting would allow the back to slide aft and the front to open to the side.

The fuselage is split horizontally not vertically which allows the vertical stab to be molded as part of the fuselage. The wing is one piece with nice deep wheel wells. There is an injection molding circle in each wheel well...hey; I had to find something wrong! The wing is “trapped” in the fuselage when the halves are glued together. These joints will require some filler, probably a little CNA floated into the joint. The nose intake ring and splitter are a really nice piece of molding.

The cockpit tub and the two instrument panels are rudimentary but accurate, unfortunately without any detail or decal. Those control columns are just that...columns...and need to be replaced with something more realistic...if you want to! The seats are nice with rolled pleat cushions but no seat belts. The kit does not provided the clear piece that separates the front and back cockpit.

The scribing is crisp but on the heavy side. All the panels seem to match those on the real plane. We have a MiG 15 in our local museum and the gaps between panels and access doors are wide!

The dive brakes and their fuselage opening are very nicely molded. Ugh, the fuselage joint seam goes right through the dive brake well, BUT, when the halves are dry fitted...there is NO SEAM inside the well!!!!

Finally...the horizontal and vertical stabilizers are appropriately “thick”.

As to accuracy...well, it sure looks like a MiG 15!

This is a real improvement from their early offerings and I would recommend it to any modeler. This is a great kit for a beginner or someone who just wants a MiG in their collection. With some TLC, it could be a winner for those who compete.

This was bought with my own nickel but thanks to Hobby Boss for so much model for that nickel!

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