OzMods 1/144 Lockheed T-33

By Matt Bittner


The T-33 was a jet trainer based on the P-80 that has worldwide usage, and a simple Google search would find extensive information on the type.

The Kit

If Revell is considered the ultimate in 1/144th scale models, then OzMods' injected kits aren't too far behind. The T-33 kit consists of 28 injected pieces and two vac canopies, "just in case" (which is definitely a good thing). Parts are very well molded but you'll need to take care removing them from the sprue as the gates are a little large so a saw is called for. Even so, there are very nice aspects to this kit - heck, it includes two control sticks (albeit a little thick)! Excellent.

There are decals for two markings, one a Japanese machine in overall silver with day-glo orange and black tip-tanks; and the other a USAF machine in a light grey/medium grey camouflage scheme. Decals are nicely done and in register.

Assembly couldn't be simpler. Add the seats and control sticks to the cockpit tub then put it into a cockpit half. Close the fuselage halves and add the rest of the bits. Voila! One 1/144th T-33. The only thing you need to be aware of is you'll need to cut the nose gear doors apart if you're putting the gear down.


All in all a most excellent 1/144th model. If you're looking for a T-33 then the OzMods kit can't be beat. It also appears it will build up quickly! Now to find alternative decals...

Thanks to OzMods for this awesome kit.

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