UMM-USA Scriber

By Matt Bittner

It was a surprise when this showed up out of the blue as I wasn't expecting it. But what a great surprise! I've actually had a chance to use it since receiving it and like using it. I've had to rescribe a lost panel line on a model I'm working on and it worked flawlessly. Excellent!

Not only can you use it as a scriber but it can also be used to scrape, deburr, carve and pierce. In addition, there are three ways it can be used to scribe - the "curved" end, the tip of the straight end, and also the blade-like edge can be used to scribe lines around fuselage halves, etc.

I do like this tool and am glad to have it. I still hope to find more uses for it.

Huge thanks to UMM-USA for sending this excellent scriber.

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