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Pheon Models Upcoming Albatros D.V/Va 1/72 and 1/48 Decal Sheets

By Matt Bittner

Pheon is taking the markings they've already released in 1/32 for the Albatros D.V/Va, and releasing them in 1/72 and 1/48.  Scans of the product in 1/72 are included in this article.  To see what they look like in 1/48, you'll need to go to Pheon's section on the Britmodeler forum. (Note the images on Britmodeler are for the 1/32 sheet, but the 1/48 sheets are the same - 32011 are the same as 48019 and 32012 the same as 48020.)

There are some awesome schemes here, some never before presented in decal form.  Plenty of excellent schemes for the Eduard kits, in either scale.

Important note. The prices for 48019 and 48020, £12.75 each - if both ordered before 1 March £21.00 for the pair - and 72013 is £12.75 or £10.50 for pre-orders before 1 March - all plus P&P at our standard rates. Pre-orders require no money until the decals are ready to go out, when we send a Paypal request, and if the customer decides against it at that point the order is cancelled with no problem.

Pheon also has the resin replacement legs and wheels for the Eduard 1/48 kit from Brian Fawcett. Orders to this email address.

Internet Modeler will be providing a review of the sheets - along with a build or two using these decals - in the coming weeks.


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