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The Douglas F4D Skyray

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

skyray1.jpg (45717 bytes)

VF-102, USN
USS Forrestal

The Skyray wasn't camouflaged in anything other than the standard light gull gray over white, so most squadrons made up for the lack of variety with interesting unit markings. VF-102 flew the F4D and adorned it with this colorful scheme of red with white diamonds.

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The Marines flew the Ford as well, including this F4D from VMF(AW)-114. This particular Skyray also flew for the Navy with VF-51. When the Marines got it, the card suit emblem went up on the rudder, and the tail cod EK was applied.

skyray5.jpg (38149 bytes)


Same squadron, different look. This is from VMF(AW)-114's early years, with the spine and tail decked out in dayglo orange.

skyray3.jpg (48410 bytes)

North Island NAS

Probably one of the most colorful Skyray squadrons around, VFAW-3 from North Island painted their F4Ds up in this nice scheme. The number of yellow stars varied from plane to plane, most likely depending on what kind of day it was in the paint shop.

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