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Brengun 1/72 AZmodel Bell AH-1G “Cobra” Photoetch

By Matt Bittner

I am definitely thankful that Brengun releases aftermarket for those kits other companies ignore. Model companies like RS Models, AZmodel, etc. aren't usually catered for by other aftermarket companies, and that's where Brengun steps in. When looking for aftermarket for the likes of AZmodel, one has to look no further than Brengun.

This is definitely the case with the AZmodel 1/72 Bell AH-1G series of kits. This photoetch set will work with any of those releases. It includes replacement instrument panels for both the front and rear cockpit; seat belts for both seats; additions to the cockpit tub; multiple pieces to add to the canopy; pistons used to keep open the side windows; various pieces for both the main and tail rotors; grills for the main intakes; sway braces for the weapon pylons; front and rear ends for the rocket launchers; and other external bits and bobs.

All in all this is an excellent addition to the AZmodel kit and if you want more detail in your "Cobra", then by all means pick up this set. A big "thank you" to Brengun for sending this for review.

Brengun 1/72 AZmodel Bell AH-1G “Cobra” Photoetch

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