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Decal Releases from Airway Graphics

By Michael Benolkin

The talented folks at Airway Graphics have been busy again. Take a look at these latest releases! Click on the thumbnails to see larger images of both the decals and illustrations.

AGA4-153 1/144 Air 2000 Airbus A321

Designed for Revell's A321 kit, this sheet provides the colors and markings for the UK-based Air 2000 aircraft. Air 2000 is the airlift portion of First Choice Holidays, operating several CFM-powered A321 aircraft. Extra markings are provided to represent five of the fleet. An abundance of windows and stencils are also provided to give the kit that realistic edge.


AGA4-155 1/144 Braniff International 707-327Cs

Okay, many of you aren't old enough to remember the colorful paint schemes that were the trademark of Braniff Airlines. Braniff was a textbook example of what happens to an airline that can't keep up with the market demands. But thanks to Minicraft's recent release of the 707-320 and this recent offering in the Liveries Unlimited series, we can re-live some of those days. Actually, the decal sheet only provides you with the basic logo, airline name, windows,stenciling, and the registration numbers for nine of Braniff's 707s. The art of this airline was in the paint. If you give in to temptation, you'll need to get several sheets (one aircraft per sheet) just to capture the colorful variety of the Braniff fleet.

AG4-G10 1/144 Inspar markings for the A319/A320/A321

The decals in this series beat the heck out of masking and painting the Inspar areas. The warning and evacuation markings are also great enhancements to the accuracy of the final product.

AGAX-001 Multi-Scale Engine Logos

Here is a handy set for any project. A complete set of engine manufacturer logos in multiple sizes. These include the old and new Pratt & Whitney logos, the General Electric Logo in a variety of background shades, the CFM logo, the V2500 engine logo and the logo from IATA. No nacelle is complete without the engine logo!

AGA7-015 1/72 B377 Pan American Airways

The Academy 1/72 B377 featured the early Pan American Airways artwork over a bare metal paint scheme. Pan Am changed their aircraft schemes to an easier to maintain (less polish) white over light grey schem with the blue stripe and blue meatball on the tail. This would become the standard scheme on subsequent aircraft as well. But on the Boeing Model 377, this new scheme greatly simplified the maintenance and corrosion control of the aircraft. This updated paint scheme is featured on this new decal sheet. This set includes extra markings to represent virtually any of the Pan Am Boeing 377s to carry this scheme, including two different sized meatballs for the tail. A major aid in the construction and finishing of the Academy kit is an optional set of silver window frames for the cockpit, in case you don't care to mask and paint silver over the top of your white basecoat.

AGM7-002 1/72 C/HC/KC-97 Strats

Saving the best for last, this is an incredible decal set! Markings are included for twelve (12!!) different C-97 aircraft, including:

1. KC-97L, 22630, Ohio ANG, 'Zeppelinheim' 
2. YC-97A, 559595, USAF, Berlin Airlift 
3. C-97A, 80416, California ANG 
4. HC-97G, 22782, 36 ARS, USAF 
5. KC-97L, 123-03, Spanish Air Force
6. C-97A, 8402, 1501 ATW, USAF 
7. C-97C, 0692, MATS, USAF 
8. KC-97F, 1245, 305 BW, USAF 
9. KC-97G, 22782, USAF 
10. KC-97L, 20842, Illinois ANG, 'City of Aurora'
11. KC-97L, 20905, Wisconsin ANG
12. YC-97B, 59596, MATS, USAF

The markings to do all of these aircraft come on two 8.5x11 inch sheets and include lots of markings that are handy for many other future projects as well. In addition to the full-color profiles provided, another sheet discusses each of the background and unique features of the 12 aircraft represented. On the backside of this same sheet are general modeling notes for the Academy KC-97L kit and some additional ANG state stencils that would not fit on the decal sheets. The instructions talk you through scanning and printing these stencils out on your Alps printer.

This is by far the coolest decal set I've seen to date. The extensive research and attention to detail are evident, and these will definitely go a long way to helping you transform the stock KC-97L kit into a contest winner.

My sincere thanks to Airway Graphics for these review samples! Stop by their website to see their other decal releases.

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