Internet Modeler : New Releases : Aviation 1/72 Tarmac Small Round Base

By Matt Bittner

When I first heard about premade bases, I'll be truthful.  I was skeptical.  It's not difficult to create a base for a model.  The one thing it is, is time consuming.  There are many aspects of getting a wood base ready for most anything.  First it should be sanded to make it as smooth as possible.  Then, if you don't like the original color of the wood then have to stain it.  Sometimes the staining/sanding will take multiple iterations to make the wood look best.  Then, when all that is finished, you'll need to protect the wood since you'll probably be putting something on top of that which means some type of a clear coat.  Only after that is all accomplished and everything is dried will you be able
to put your top covering on.  Be it grass, something to represent tarmac, etc., it needs a good surface for gluing.  Finally, you'll want to protect the surface you're going to put your base on, so you'll want something on the bottom of the base, like felt.

So, all of that takes time.  With bases supplied by, that time is now something you have for other things, like actually building models.

My skepticism is now gone.  Seeing one of these "in the flesh" definitely shows just how nice they are, and how quick you'll have something to display your latest masterpiece on.

Unfortunately I didn't have anything that could really be displayed "correctly" on the Tarmac Small Round Base.  However, I thought with the color, the Pavla 1/72 Kaydet would actually make everything stand out.  I like how it looks, regardless if it's correct or not.  (Just think to yourself the Kaydet is actually a "Warbird" and it's at an airshow, just having flown a demonstration...)

Like I mentioned, I'm sold.  I will definitely be buying a few in the future (well, whenever I can actually finish a model...) and will be displaying what I hope are my own masterpieces on these wonderful bases.

My thanks to for the sample base.

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