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Messerschmitt Me 210/410 Colours and Markings

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

Authors: Michal Ovcacik & Karel Susa
Publisher: Mark I Ltd
ISBN: 978-80-86637-31-0
Binding: Softcover (plus decal sheet)
Pages: 28
Available in 1/72 & 1/48

The Messerschmitt Me 210/410 family is a good example of how an initial lackluster design can be improved upon to produce a great aircraft. Designed to the pre-war Zerstörer concept, the Me 210 had poor flying characteristics. Returning to the drawing board, the designers improved on the type, and the resultant Me 410 proved to be a great plane to fly. The aircraft saw extensive service on several fronts, and the Me 210 was even license-produced by Hungary.

This book in the Mark I Dozen Set covers this interesting aircraft family. While both the Me 210 and Me 410 are available in 1/72, I am only aware of the Me 410 in 1/48, so for those wanting to build in the larger scale, some additional work will be required. Half of the options are Me 210s, while the rest are Me 410s, with four Luftwaffe, one Hungarian, and one Japanese Me 210, and four Luftwaffe and two RAF Me 410s.

Starting with the foreign options first, the Hungarian Me 210Ca-1 is from 2/102 Fast Bomber Squadron, coded Z0+15, and carries the standard Hungarian national markings including the green, white and red stripes on the tail. The Japanese option is an example Me 210A-1 sent to Japan in 1943. It is finished in the standard Luftwaffe camouflage and has hinomarus in six positions. The Soviet example is a Me 410B-2/U4 that was captured. It has the German markings painted over and Russian stars applied. The final two options are from the RAF and are also captured examples. The first is Me 410B-6 that carries the AIR MIN V3 marking. It has the standard Luftwaffe camouflage, but the rear fuselage has been overpainted in gray. The other RAF example is a captured Me 410A-3 that has been completely repainted in RAF colors, complete with British serial and a yellow Circle P prototype marking.

The Luftwaffe examples begin with a Me 210A-0(1) from I./ZG-1, coded GT+VH. Next is a Me 210A-1 from the Messerschmitt AG, coded SO+MJ. Both of these aircraft have no markings other than the aircraft codes and national markings. The third option is another Me 210A-1, this time from III./ZG 1 and coded 2N+ER. This plane has a white fuselage band and a red E in the fuselage codes. The Me 210A-1, 2N+CD from Stab III./ZG 1 is next, again with a white fuselage band. This time the 2N is in the small size, and the C is green. The first Me 410 is an A-3 variant, F6+WK from 2.(F)/122. From the same unit is the next option, Me 410A-3 F6+QK. Both of these aircraft have the small F6 code and an overpainted white rear fuselage band. The next choice is from 5./ZG 26, Me 410B-1/U4 3U+BN. This is the first option with a squadron emblem, the yellow shoe on the engine nacelle.

All of the options are interesting in their own right, and the decals are nicely printed, including some stenciling material. My thanks to Mark I Ltd and 4+ Publications for the review copy.

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