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Wind in the Wires Productions Weisser Hirsch & Weisses Herz The Aircraft of Royal Saxon Jasta 40 1/72 Decals

By Bob Pearson

One of the recent developments in printer technology is the ALPS Micro-Dry line of printers. Rather than use ink, these feature a ribbon akin to that of a typewriter, and use a form of wax for printing. the best part? They can print white and are WATERPROOF. Need I say more?

I have one of these myself and have begun experimentingwith what it can do, one of the people who gave me advice on starting out is Volker Häusler. Volker has now entered the aftermarket decal field with his first release devoted to the aircraft of Royal Saxon Jagdstaffel 40 in 1/72. This is a very attractively packaged set consisting of a booklet with colour covers and b/w profiles inside describing each aircraft as well as a bio of the pilot.

The decals themselves are printed on Tango Papa paper (I use it myself) and include a test piece to practice with. Volker includes various tips for using these decals, and it is recommended that these be followed.

The options included on the sheet are for the personal markings of the following pilots: Hertel, Auer, Claasen, Rosenstein, Degelow, Frodien, Gilly, Groll, Jeschonnek and Raab. There are also the asymetrical tail cross and rear fuselage/tailplane stripes used on their later aircraft.


All in all a very attractive set and I look forward to future releases. Volker intends to limit each release to 100 sets, so get them while you can. Future releases will include: Willi Hippert's Fokker D.VII Mimmi; French Escadrille markings; Jasta 77b; Protectors of the Rubber State - Malaysian MiG 29 and BAe Hawk. For further information contact Volker

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