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Bilek's 1/35 Cargo Trailer

By Chris Banyai-Riepl


The Kit

This is a reboxing of the old Italeri trailer kit which itself is probably a reboxing of an older Peerless/Max kit. I'm not sure if Italeri released this as a separate kit or included it with something else, but Bilek's release is just the trailer and nothing else. The kit is molded in a light gray plastic and consists of a single tree of parts. A small decal sheet is included with the usual white stars and stencilling.

Construction is very straightforward, with the bed consisting of a floor and the four sides. The wheels are split in halves and fit onto a one-piece axle. The detailing is good throughout, with the only problem being the Italeri logo on the trailer bed undersides. Once that's ground off, though, there shouldn't be any other problems.

It's nice to see Bilek releasing some of the older Italeri stuff, and putting this trailer out separately means you don't have to buy a deuce and a half just to get a trailer. If you're familiar with the Italeri kit, then you know what's in this box.

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