ZV Models' 1/72 Einheitsdiesel Kfz. 61 (62?)

By Chris Banyai-Riepl


The German Army during the late 1930s relied heavily on extensive motorization, resulting in a great number of vehicles designed to carry troops and materials.  One such vehicle was the Einheits-Diesel, a large 2.5 ton 6x6 truck of classic construction with an 80hp diesel engine.  Construction started in 1937 and by the time production stopped in 1940 over 10,000 vehicles were produced.  The Einheits-Diesel saw service in nearly all theatres of conflict during the first years of the Second World War.  The Einheits-Diesel eventually was replaced by less expensive two-axle vehicles.

The Kit

A while back MAC Models came out with a 1/72 Einheits Diesel 6x6 truck. This kit is based on the same basic kit, although much of the kit is new.  Like the original this kit is molded in black plastic and the detailing is quite crisp.  The main truck body is molded in one piece and will need a touch of cleanup around the edges but for the most part is an excellent molding.  What it covers up, though, is really impressive.  The front office gets a nice treatment consisting of all the control levers & shift sticks, steering wheel, instrument cluster, firewall and bench seat.  Behind this go lots of bits and pieces to fill up the back section, with bench seats, fender wells, storage boxes, and a table.  All that's missing is some maps to lay out on the table, and maybe a pencil or two.

The chassis is another well-detailed area of this kit.  You'll be spending a lot of time assembling & painting this area, even more if you decide to weather the vehicle heavily.  The axles are provided as pieces of metal rod, and the suspension pieces all fit onto a one-piece frame.  On this also goes separate pieces for the exhaust, spare tire bracket, fuel tank, and front and rear hooks.  The main truck floor fits down on top of this, over which goes the engine hood and main truck body.  The final bits and pieces finish the vehicle off with side and rear doors, headlights, side mirrors, and even a spare gas can.

There's a small decal sheet included, providing markings for four trucks.  The first is a Kfz. 62 of the Organization Todt, Eastern Front, September 1941.  It appears to be finished in overall color A, with the wheels possibly in color L.  If this makes no sense to you, welcome to the club.  The colors are all carefully marked out with letters and hash marks, but no key is given to explain just what "color A" or "color M" is.  A set of color profiles on the side helps some, but you'll probably want to dig into your references to make sure of the coloring.  Two of the other options are from Panzer Observation Battery 321, IX Panzer Division, on the Eastern Front, and the last is one of the HQ of the IV Panzer Division, also on the Eastern Front.


This is a nice little kit and like the original truck it should build up into a nice model.  The black plastic might have some problems in getting paint coverage, but with a good primer coat it should work out well.  If you're looking for a nice 1/72 armor 6x6, this is definitely something to track down.

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