Aeropoxy 1/72 & 1/48 National Insignia Cool Masks

Modern Yugoslav AF, SFR Yugoslavia AF, & Royal Yugoslav AF

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

Vinyl masks seem to be catching on recently, first with canopy masking and now with masks for markings and even camouflage patterns. These three sets from Aeropoxy provide markings for Yugoslav aircraft, national insignia that is often hard to find in your spares box. The first set provides a multi-part mask for the early Royal Yugoslav Air Force insignia. This has a total of five steps for each roundel, which has the potential of being a rather thick final result, but if you keep the coats thin the end roundel will really look sharp. Two examples are displayed in the instructions, an IK-2 and an IK-3.

The next set is for the post-war Yugoslav roundel, used from 1945 to 1992. Like the previous set, this one also has five parts. You'll have some careful centering to do to get the various outlines set right, but it shouldn't be too difficult. Two examples are also shown in the instructions, a Bf 109G-12 and an F-84.

The final set is for the current Yugoslav insignia, in use since 1992. This insignia is much simpler than the earlier two, with the markings only needing two parts. The mask set includes two sets of national flag markings as well (one straight and one angled), allowing you to accurately do modern Yugoslav aircraft. The instructions show positioning on three aircraft, namely a UTVA LASTA, a Gazelle helicopter, and a J-22 Orao.

All three sets are listed as being reusable for a few airbrushings, so you'll want to cut them out carefully and hold on to the backing sheet. These sets open up a lot of possibilities for Yugoslav aircraft, and with these I can now finally finish my camouflaged F-86D.


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