RVHP 1/72 Resin Wight Quadraplane
WWI British Fighter Prototype

By Bob Pearson


Unfortunately none of my references include this intriguing aircraft. However the Czech-language history included with the kit gives the following information ".. . 1916 . . Clerget 9Z . . . July 7 1917 . . .. February 1918." It is most likely a contemporary of the similar Armstrong Whitworth FK9 and FK10, and probably was designed for the same reason – if the three wings on the Sopwith Triplane produce such an exceptional climb, how well would four do? As little can be found on the Wight Quadraplane, it surely was not a success. If it had entered service it would undoubtedly have gone to the RNAS as Wight was one of their contractors.

An interesting feature of the design is the double curvature on the upperwing, the rationale for this I would like to know.

The Kit

Yet another obscure aircraft that the Czech firm of RVHP seems to be specializing in. The kit consists of 20 resin pieces, decals and three lengths of brass aerofoil-shaped strut material.

As in the Bre.16 reviewed in this issue, the fuselage has a hollowed-out interior which is to be covered by a separate lower plate. The forward fuselage has fine stringer detail and the aft fuselage has locators for the control line runs. Interior details include: seat, rudder bar, and control column. Some of these details are stuck on a piece of tape-like material that wil prevent their getting lost until needed.

The wings, as has been mentioned, have a unique shape to them. This is consistant among all five of them - the upper-mid wings are in two pieces. Trailing edges are very thin and the rib detail is lightly reproduced. Tail surfaces are in a similar state, although the ribs run over the hinge lines on these items. This is easily fixed whether the control surfaces are repositioned or not.

Remainig parts are the cowl, Clerget engine, wheels, axle spreader bar and propellor. the propellor has the only flaw I could find in this or the Bre.16 kit .. an air bubble in one blade.

The instructions consist of a 1/72 four-view cross-hatched drawing, as well as an exploded view of all the parts. Decals are confined to national markings .. all with white outlines, which may or may not be correct for the period.


This is a kit that I would recommend to those who have experience with resin kits or who like a challenge. This is because of the complexity of aligning 11 pairs of interplane and cabane struts. In common with all the other RVHP kits I have seen to date, it will make into a most unusual model of a most obscure and forgotten aircraft.

My thanks to Lubos Vinar of VAMP Mail Order for the review sample.


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