Revell 1/25 Acura Integra Type R

by John Jameson


This 1/25th Scale kit from Revell represents the Acura Integra Type 'R'. Acura is the brand name Honda chose for the luxury car line up for North America. The rest of the world knows this great car simply by the Honda Integra Type R. The Type R is a two door, front wheel drive, 1.8L, four cylinder VTEC (Variable Timing Electronic Controlled) engine with 190 HP. The Type R is really the 'racing' version of the standard Integra 'GS-R'. The unibody frame has larger welds in key stress points. Thinner, lighter glass is utilized and there is also no undercarpet matting or bodyshell padding that would normally be used to cut road, wind, and engine noise as well as mask vibrations. As a consequence the car is also very light and the suspension has been upgraded from the standard Integra. The car's power to weight ratio is exceptional. Its handling characteristics are fantastic - a true sports enthusiast's car.

The Kit

This is Revell kit #2572 and is in the 1/25th scale. The kit is modeled after the street version of the Integra Type R and contains 98 pieces. These pieces are contained on seven parts sprues. The body pieces are molded in white, the engine pieces are molded in gray, the suspension and some interior parts molded in black, a one piece clear molded windshield, and lastly a chromed sprue that contains the exhaust and two sets of wheels. As a detail enhancer the kit also includes is a set of metal exhaust 'tips''.


The kit contains a set of silkscreen decals that includes a set of 'custom' flames and a set of splash graphics as well as licenses plates, gauge clusters, windshield banners, some custom sponsor decals and lastly, Acura and type R logos. The decals look clean and well defined with little carrier film, typical of other Revell kits.

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The interesting thing about this kit is the optional parts that are included with the kit to build the kit as a 'customized hot hatch' or as a stock factory Type R. These extra 'custom' parts include – in addition to the stock wheels, and stock front and rear spoilers – two additional rear wings, a different set of front and rear lips, and two additional wheel choices. These additional parts let the builder really customize the kit to his desire. These 'extra' parts are also a parts box dream.

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The other really nice aspect of this kit is the full engine detail. That's right, a removable hood that reveals a fully detailed engine. A little scratch building with details like wiring and this kit can be a real piece of art!

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The instructions are typical for modern Revell kits, eight pages that contain nine different steps and include a detailed decal placement guide. The instructions specify individual part painting instructions throughout the steps and where wing or spoiler options are available.

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What a beautiful kit from Revell that is sure to be popular with 'custom' enthusiasts. The full engine detail combined with the custom parts choices make it a real kit to have. The detail possibilities also make this kit a candidate for the expert modeler. I'd love to see more Revell kits with the full engine detail. I guess the only disappointment for this modeler is the scale. I saw a real opportunity to kit bash this with an Integra racer kit from one of the Japanese manufacturers to create the ultimate high detail Type R racer now found on the Speedvision road racing circuit. To be fair I really need to look at the possibility of doing this, the scales may be close enough for it to still work.

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