KIT NO. 35240

By Ray Mehlberger


The German Army (Wehrmacht) was gearing up with mechanized equipment early in WWII. They were also accelerating the development of bicycles as a simple means of transportation.

Many bicycle manufacturers in Germany produced bicycles for military use, so various types were seen. However, the parts of these bikes were standardized to make parts replacement easier. Most of these bicycles were equipped with luggage carriers on the rear and storage boxes for ammunition and grenades mounted on the center of the frame. Due to material shortages, some bicycles were issued without some equipment, like: pedal rubber, headlights, and fenders.

Bicycles were deployed right up until the end of WWII.


The kit comes in a small, 6 3/4" x 6" x 1", box. Besides an excellent box art, the box has color photos on the back of the 2 bicycles with the German soldiers made up. The sides of this box is plastered with many color drawings of the various types of German personal equipment.

The kit contains three dark gray trees of parts...sealed in two cello bags. One of the two cello bags holds two identical parts trees (letter "A") and a small sheet of general assembly instructions, in 12 different languages. This letter "A" tree holds: two bicycles, their handle-bars, peddles, drive chains, luggage carriers, two figures, two steel helments, six gas mask canisters, six canteens, two shovels, two bread bags, and two mess kits. (36 total parts)

The second cello bag holds one letter "Z" tree. This tree holds: one seated figure, one standing figure, two more bread bags, two Mauser Kar 98 rifles, and a peaked cap. (14 parts here). Also, in this same cello bag is the assembly instruction sheet, printed on one side.

The instruction sheet gives general cautions, in four languages, at the top. This is then followed by a paint number cross reference list and three assembly drawings which include color number references. Interestingly, Tamiya shows these bicycles in two schemes: Panzer gray, and a camouflage scheme.


This is one neat little kit. Lots of diorama ideas jump into one's head when viewing the parts. Conceivably, with a little alteration, these bicycles could be used with any WWII combatant's soldier figures. I have seen photos, in one of my books, of Japanese soldiers using bicycles for transportation. Highly recommended.

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