KIT NO. 6161

By Ray Mehlberger

The newest figure kit to come from us from DML Dragon , is a set of four Panzergrenadiers at Arnhem 1944 (remember the movie "A Bridge Too Far" ?).

The box art is by our old friend Ron Valstad. It shows four Panzergrenadiers in the middle of a brick paved street with trolley tracks running down it. In the back ground is a battle damaged trolley car and a Sturmgeschutz IV. The back of the box is more of Ron's artwork showing the four figures, individually, in two poses each...which also serves as the assembly and painting instructions. Colors are only called out in Creos Corp. Aqueous Hobby Colors (I have never heard of them before) by their numbers...and not what color that is. The box art shows that all these guys have the S.S. type sleeve eagles.


The box contains one large light gray tree of figure and personal gear parts and two smaller light gray trees of weapons. The large tree has a cello bag and the two smaller trees have a second cello bag.

The large tree holds the figures parts. They are devided up into seperate legs, arms, torsos, and heads. The personal gear on this tree consists of two potato masher type grenades, four steel helmets, four canteens, four bread bags, two different types of shovels (three of one kind and one of another), three bayonettes, four pineapple type grenades, one map case, six rifle ammo pouches, and two machine pistol ammo pouches.

The two smaller trees of weapons are from a couple of DML's earlier figure kits. One tree is from kit no. 6020, which was "German Volksturm (Berlin 1945)" and the second is from kit no. 6024, which was "German Sturmpioniers (Kursk 1943).

The Volkstrum weapons consist of one each panzerfaust, 98k carbine, Gewehr 43, Steyr-Solothurn S1-100, and a MP38 with it's folding shoulder stock.

The Sturmpionier weapons consist of three more 98k carbines.

The figures are dressed in the M43 field blouse with M43 Kielhose trousers. Three of the figures wear low boots with gaiters that their pants are tucked into. The remaining figure has high jack boots.

The figure poses use three of the 98k carbines, the panzerfaust, and the MP38 machine pistol. The Gewehr 43 rifle and the Solothurn sub-machine gun will be excess as well as one of the 98k carbines.

The figures are very sharply molded and well detailed.

Highly recommended.

I want to thank my net Japan for trading this kit to me.

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