Roseplane 1/72 Resin Nieuport Triplane #1 (Type 10)

by Bob Pearson


Although most WWI builders know of the Nieuport Triplane based on the Nieuport 17 and the 17bis, few are aware that there was a third triplane built, this one was a two-seater based on the Nieuport 10. Like the other two, the Ni.10 Triplane featured a triangular arrangment of wings with the middle wing placed to the rear of the upper and lower wings. This was to give the pilot a better field of view. Only one Ni10 Triplane is known to have been built, N1118.

The Kit

Roseplane have produced another exquisite little resin kit of an off-beat subject. There are 28 parts cast in the usual light tan resin. The two-piece fuselage has very thin sides and the internal longerons and vertical formers are in place. The cockpit consists of front and rear bulkheads, floor, seats (with seatbelts). As the cockpit is one large 'bathtub', there is much scope for adding extra detail here.

The wings are very thin and have riblets on both top and bottom, those on the bottom may need to be removed. Otherwise the wings are very nicely done with separate ailerons. Tail surfaces are also well done.

Rounding out the parts are a LeRhone rotary, cowl, wheels, struts - the triangular interplane ones are in one piece, which should aid alignment considerably.

Instructions consist of a three view drawing and some building notes. Decals are for the sole example - N1118. These are done on a Alps printer and there is pixelization of the blue present, otherwise the colours are good.


This looks to be a pretty simple model (for a triplane), and will be a real attention getter in any collection. Roseplane state that the FMP French book (French Aircraft of the First World War by Davilla and Soltan) was used as a source, and also that their kit " .... differs from the drawings in the above book - upon examination of photos - Roseplane has decided to produce our kit with wings matching the chord of the Nieport 10."

My thanks to Barry Stettler of Roseplane/Rosemont Hobby Shop for the review sample

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