Academy 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-14

By Michael Benolkin


The Messerschmitt Bf109 is probably the most well-known fighter that served in Hitler's Luftwaffe. Essentially a lightweight gun platform bolted to a Daimler-Benz engine, the Bf109 ruled the skies over Europe for most of the early war and dared to challenge the skies over England as well.

The Bf109G 'Gustav' series was the result of bolting more horsepower and firepower to the front end of this design to offset the British improvements to the Spitfire. The Bf109G-14 was actually a compromise of capabilities that arose from the gridlock in aircraft production. With the flow of new requirements and new systems arising out of combat experience, Messerschmitt was running into problems with turning out aircraft. A special commission was tasked to quickly develop a producible configuration and the Bf109G-14 specification was the result. Based on the earlier Bf109G production, the -14 was an unpressurized aircraft with the DB605A engine, the taller wooden vertical stabilizer and the 'Erla Haube' canopy.

While the Bf109G-14 had less performance than some of the earlier Gustavs, it was produced as an interim fighter until the delayed DB605D engine was available and production of the Bf109G-10 could commence.

The Kit

This latest release from Academy is a reissue of the Hobbycraft Bf109G-14 released several years ago. Molded in light gray plastic, this kit features scribed panel lines and no ejector pin marks in visible locations. The molding is crisp and flash-free. The kit is comprised of 90 light gray styrene parts and five clear. Over 20 of these parts are actually used on other versions of the Bf109G, so you'll have a nice supply of bombs and rockets for your spares box.

As with most Hobbycraft/Academy kits, the cockpit is rather bland, though a nice cockpit can be build from the kit with a little work. Some Eduard photoetch and/or an aftermarket resin cockpit would really enhance the pilot's office.

Assembly is very straightforward, with the only real 'challenge' being the surgical removal of the kit's tail section and replacement with the alternate 'tall tail' provided. This should not be a problem as the 'cut line' in molded inside the kit fuselage, eliminating any guesswork.

Options provided in this kit for the Bf109G-14 include a starting crank, a choice of 'bulges' for the right side of the cowling, a centerline drop tank and adapter, and even a parasol that shades the cockpit from the heat of the sun whilst parked. The canopy is molded so that the hood can be positioned in the open position, if desired.


Markings are provided for two examples:

  • 5 Sqn, 2 Gruppo, Aeronautica Nazionale Republicana, Mar 1945 (an interesting mix of German and Italian markings)

  • Blue 2, 16/JG53 stationed in France, Jan 1945

Academy's decals are beautifully printed and my example is in perfect register. Even the nose spinner swirls are provided along with a complete set of maintenance stencils to round out the project.


While I can't comment on how this kit compares detailwise to Hasegawa's Bf109G-14, this Academy release will still have a lower retail price tag. This kit is recommended!

My sincere thanks to MRC for this review sample!

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